On existential crises.

What is the point of an existential crisis? Some people might think it’s some kind of self correction mechanism. Every time you stray too far from whatever it is you’re supposed to not stray too far from, your mind tries to pull you back in to the correct lane. Some people might think it’s a kind of defence mechanism that’s resetting. Instead of feeling a little bad all the time, you feel a lot bad every now and then. Some people might this this is a redundant entry that I’m including only so that there would be three things on this list.

I’ve had my fair share of crises, existential being the most frequent. Always after some change, some shift, in the usual order of things. The day before you go home. The day before you leave home. The five minutes after you hang up on someone you don’t quite like talking to, but you must because there just isn’t anybody else around. The five minutes before you flip to the page you were last reading in the book that you’ve been absorbed in for the past week.

There’s a worrying amount of what I shall euphemistically call “talking about me” in these posts. I suppose I’ll leak over sometime or other. But I’d like not to. And here’s hoping I get better at it as time goes on.

This was #3.


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