On opinions and reasons.

First, something I noticed:

I doubt any of you would find it hard to imagine there are Indian parents who want their kids to start learning how to code when they’re 12. You would find this a natural progression of the line of thought that enabled IITJEE coaching classes for those same 12 year olds. And you would, in your infinite wisdom, scoff at these parents. I bring this up because I saw someone (an adult) on Quora answer “leave them in peace” to a question that asked for books that would teach young children programming. And I agree with him.

Now. Look to the west. And you see these little camps and initiatives that try to get young children interested in programming. And you don’t see derisive mocking here. You see whole-hearted support. From the children, even. And I agree with them.

You see my problem.

One could very well argue that the support for these programs in the US is mainly based on the fact that if you don’t graduate from college with code oozing out your every pore, you’re not getting a job. The situation is not nearly as dire here in India. Yet.

Then there’s the matter of execution. You just know that whatever we try here will be horrible. The children, having been forced to attend, will not care. The teachers, saddled with this poor lot, will not care either. And all this will be another multibillion rupee enterprise.

That’s it really. I don’t need to reconcile these two opposing opinions, because their domains are different.

I shall talk about opinions more. Later.

This was #6.

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