On buyer’s remorse.

I read somewhere that somewhere (I have a bad memory, deal with it) the stores all have a “buyer’s remorse” policy: you can return whatever you bought even if it’s in perfect condition simply because you regretted spending the money to buy it. Come to think of it, this sounds like an ordinary “30 day return guarantee”. This must have been long ago. Anyway, I digress.

I just bought an app. It cost ₹220. It’s a game. This one, if you were curious. It’s about 200 mb, so I’m waiting for it to download completely. And then I got to thinking. There’s no return on this thing.

I don’t mean to say I regret purchasing it. I don’t know that yet because I haven’t played it. I have however been satisfactorily convinced that this is worth buying. Reviews and so on. And that got me to thinking again.

I’ve bought apps before. And they were all worth it. Well, except for one which I only bought because it was on sale and subsequently never played. Doesn’t matter. Anyway. What is so different about this one? Where is this anxiety coming from? Is it because I’m waiting? All the others were tiny things that downloaded instantly and then I got to play them and I loved them instantly. The ones in the beginning were ones I pirated before there was an Indian App Store. Feeling morally obliged to pay now that I could (I pay for games and books, I pirate songs and movies; I’ll talk about this later), I did. I already knew some were going to be good. And that let me buy the next few confidently.

I don’t know.

Astute readers will perhaps point out that I raise a lot of questions and never seem to get around to answering any. To which I say it doesn’t matter that I don’t know why I feel this way. Acknowledging it is good. Especially since it’s temporary. And I’ll be able to tell you if it was worth it or not as soon as I play it. So why talk about it?

Because I’m sure this applies to more than just a little app. How does one feel when one buys a car? Or a house? Or life insurance? Big adult things. Is there anything I can do to prevent feeling this later? Do other people feel this? Why aren’t they talking about it if they do?

Questions, questions, questions.

Worth it for the atmosphere, not so much for the gameplay. Also, I seem to have spent more than an hour on it already. Nice.

On second thought. No. Not worth it.

I don’t know. I’m overthinking this aren’t I?

On third thought. Now that I’ve actually finished the game (a little help from a walkthrough notwithstanding), downloaded the absolutely wonderful soundtrack, discovered the wonderful people behind this game (need to keep an eye on them!), and luxuriated in the aftermath of a pretty darn good experience, I’d say it was worth it.

In the way that a movie is worth the price of admission. You buy the ticket, you plonk yourself down and have an experience thrown at you for an hour and a half. Then you get up and you walk out, possibly dazed for a few minutes, or months, depending on how good it was. You might download it later to watch a second time, maybe with friends. Or at the tail end of a long week just for a change. This is that sort of game.

(Unrelated side-note: the soundtrack was ₹120 on iTunes for 19 tracks, not a bad deal at all, but since I managed to find it *ahem* elsewhere, for free, I didn’t buy it. I probably would have had the game itself been cheaper. The rationalisations of a pirate, ladies and gentlemen.)

This was #7.


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