On the importance of apps.

This is a nice little article about WordPress vs Medium. I agree with it. (It says Medium is better.)

So why am I here, and not on Medium? Well, partly because a friend’s blog is, and I just liked the way WordPress looked. Second, and more important, WordPress has an app for my phone. (Third, its icon is blue. Yes, this matters a little.)

Everything I’ve written so far I’ve written on my phone. Because it’s convenient. And it’s comfortable. The only reason to go to the desktop is to set the theme I wanted. And I didn’t even particularly like this theme. I just didn’t like a lot of other ones, and after about five minutes of looking, I gave up and picked this one. I can’t see it now, as I’m lying in bed, composing this post. I’ll have to finish writing, and then preview my post as it appears with the theme — what I presume most of you are looking at.

This is not exactly a good thing.

Medium is young. If I want to write something there, I need to be at a computer. It doesn’t have an app yet. It will eventually have an app. I will get that app and never look back.

In the meantime, why not read something on Medium?

(I have said Medium way too many times, haven’t I?)

This was #10.


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