On irregularity.

There is a webcomic called Irregular Webcomic that I used to read with almost disturbing regularity a few years ago. It was fascinating. The comics are done in Lego. The guy goes through the trouble to stage these little Lego minifigures and then slaps speech bubbles onto the pictures he takes of them. He is hilarious.

He also had a podcast. I say had because he doesn’t update it anymore. One of the episodes had a rather deep impact on my 14 year old self. (I was probably 14, I don’t know). It was about Olber’s paradox.

Yes I want you to click all those links. Do you some good.

One of the (conveniently retroactively lie-able) reasons for my regular reading of it (apart from it being awesome) was the fact that he was being rather regular about his comic uploads. I don’t think he was irregular even once. I don’t need to think, I know, because google. No excuses and all that.

I don’t know why I’m rambling.

Anyway. There wasn’t a post yesterday.

This was #…
Goddamit I forgot.
This was #13.

(The comic’s really good though. You should check it out.)


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