On my adventures in the key of DIY

I am not a DIY person. (That’s Do-It-Yourself, if you didn’t already know). I have never actually done any work with any tools for anything ever. The only time I used screwdrivers and/or wrenches was putting one of those remote controlled Lego things together.

I can tell you precisely why I’m not a DIY person. Because I lack the confidence that I wouldn’t make a bigger mess than already present. Case in point: putting a screen protector on my phone. Horrible task. I put it on and everything was fine. Except for one teensy air bubble near the top. I tried ignoring it for four minutes. Then I went mad and let’s just say two hours later the screen protector was in no shape to be doing any screen protecting.

Which is why I surprised myself when I upgraded the RAM of an old laptop we had lying around. I ordered the memory (2 x 2 gb) from flipkart. When it arrived, I opened the bottom of the laptop (unscrewing three screws!), ejected the old RAM, vacuumed the dust out, pushed the new ones in, re-screwed everything back together, and did not brick the laptop in any way whatsoever.

I also have never installed a new operating system before. Because I always procrastinate too much about organising and then backing up all the shit I have. This was different. Old laptop. Nobody cares. I’ll do a fresh install. I downloaded the latest OS the thing could run (OS X Lion), made a bootable pen drive of it, and installed it in the newly erased old drive.

I have plans of eventually getting a tiny (60 gb) SSD to round up the speed boost. Why so little? Because of the reason why I went though all this. Xcode.

Xcode requires Lion. Lion requires 4 gb. (Well, 2, but 4 is better). That’s honestly the only reason I did any of this.

It’s a relatively banal moral. If I want something badly enough, I will do the shit it takes to get it. Now. I’m surprised that this is a surprise to me. I am also surprised that what I just described seems to be being referred to as some sort of Herculean task here. Lots of surprises.

Not Herculean in the sense of effort, of course. Herculean in the sense of it testing my confidence.

I don’t really have a point.

Good night.


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