On people’s voices inside your head.

No, I don’t mean the schizophrenic kind.

I was just reading this article and halfway through it I realised I was reading it in a woman’s voice. As in, I assumed the author was female, and proceeded to have it “read out” by her. I had no basis for this assumption. She had not mentioned her gender so far. But I turned out to be right. It was a woman.

Then I got to thinking. What voice do I read other articles in? I was reading another woman’s blog earlier about her attempts at building a roguelike in Python. I knew it was a woman though, because her blog is named after her. I don’t, however, remember the voice I read it in. And I have subsequently been stymied in my attempts to “listen” to those voices on other articles because now I’m interfering with myself. Kinda like Heinsenberg uncertainty.

I would like to think I read things in my voice. And that the above is a random aberration. But. I just don’t know. The more I think about it, the murkier it gets. So.

What voices do you read with?

When you’re texting someone you’ve spoken to, do you read their texts in their voice? I know I do only when their voice is different. Like if they had a peculiar accent, or a verbal tic. A regular Indian basic accent I read in my voice.

Abrupt ending.

This was #19.


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