On the lack of regular updates here.

I should write more often. I want to. But, to be honest, I’m not sad or lonely or empty enough (or happy or excited or giddy enough) to. I need some non-neutral emotion fuelling my writing.

Why am I writing this? Good question. I suppose I feel guilt. Someone read my blog yesterday and all they read was the umbrella post. Call it hubris if you will, but I want that person to have been able to read something better. Or longer.

Have I not been up to much? On the contrary. I’ve been up to loads. Or at least, enough that I will find it a chore to document now that the excitement has worn off. I won’t tell you just yet because I don’t want to leave you hanging. More on this, hopefully, later.

Anyway. What to do now? I don’t know. Let’s see.


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