On wildly differing opinions.

I’ve just watched The Family, starring Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. I loved it. Most reviews I read after, however, did not. In fact, they found it rather boring. I was bemused. I wouldn’t have been surprised at mild criticism, but this was full on foundation attacking.

The movie features lots of gratuitous violence. Lots. Loooooots. It is hilarious. All the members of the eponymous family are insane. The father kills people at the drop of a hat, the mother blows up buildings, the daughter beats people to a pulp with tennis racquets, and the son is a manipulative schemer who nevertheless seems rather tame compared to the rest of the bunch. They are hilarious. This is comedy done very well. Why did very few other people think so?

It’s not a matter of subtlety. The movie is such a farce that you cannot help but not take it seriously. I can understand some people not getting that. Their reviews make sense from this point of view, that they never understood it was not “serious”. But still not all. Some people were rather condescending of it as well.

Ah well. I liked it. I think you should watch it as well, if for nothing else but to enjoy a scene that employs Gorillaz’ Clint Eastwood rather effectively. And, of course, to see which camp you fall in.


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