Monthly Archives: March 2014

A conversation in the aether.

Shame on you. I forgot how to. Dad taught me a long while back. So? Chess is like riding a bike. I never played after that. And I was very little then. I only vaguely remember him teaching. Another vague memory from then is him trying to explain how to tell time by looking at a clock. Clocks != chess. It just means that it was a long time back. Teach me sometime. Wheeeeeeeen? Next week. When I borrow the jigsaw puzzle. Wokay. Put it in your calendar. I will. I’m bored.

Ooga booga booga.

Bum bum bee.

Fee fi fo fum.

Ugla igla bligla.

I have a good knock knock joke.

Let’s hear it.

Okay. You go first.

No no. Dazzle me with your brilliant sense of humour first.

I insist. Ladies first.
It’s 11.41.

Yes it is. Maybe he’ll leave us early. Let’s be optimistic. For a change.

Awesome autocorrect na?

I could really get used to this.

You can you can. Now see why I don’t like the android keyboard?

Yeah. But I’m not going to get myself a new phone anytime soon.

Hehe. iPad? Oh. Conflict with phone. Don’t type there then 😀

This phone I’ve had for less than a year and yeah I just got an iPad. Doesn’t feel right to get new phone already.

Who cares about feelings? 😛
(I know I’m being hypocritical)
What would you do with a cheque for 30k?

Right now? I’d put it in my account.

When would you not?

Get an iPhone? 😛

No no, when? You said right now you wouldn’t.

When I have gotten over the iPad guilt and this current phone really needs to be replaced. I still doubt I’ll let myself get an iPhone but let’s see.

Haha. First world problems.

India technically isn’t there yet you know.

Better than saying “rich people problems” 😛

Haha. True that.

*dat 😛