On a New Year.

I had half-forgotten about this blog. A nice comment on a post here suddenly reminded me of it. Why haven’t I written here in so long? I don’t know who could be asking, but I will try to answer anyway.

The boring but honest answer is that I hadn’t felt like it. I wasn’t busy. Nor was nothing happening that I couldn’t write about. In fact, had I wished to, I could have written about something (hopefully) interesting once every couple of weeks in the second half of last year.

For instance, the nature of relationships, and how not all of them are the vanilla egalitarian ones we seem to think of when the topic arises. Specifically, the issue of mind games playing a quintessential role in the relationship. I had the pleasure of exploring and discussing this issue from what I consider to be sufficiently many points of view (for now). In fact, one of these days, when I feel wistful and long for the keyboard, I might just come back and commit to words all my thoughts on the matter.

Did I say “when I feel wistful”? I meant “if”. And therein lies the issue.

One of my friends calls it existential ennui. That feeling of being lost and helpless. Heck, probably alone too.

I feel like I’ve written enough for today. I am certain I haven’t answered my question to any degree of satisfaction, but maybe I will one of these days. I will in fact be writing semi-regularly here again. Why, one might ask? Because I have been given the unenviable honour of coming up with questions for a contest that is happening way too early for me to feel good about it. In order to vent, hopefully, I will come here. And this time I have structure!

You see, these questions are (hopefully going to be) based on the Labours of Hercules. And there are 12 of them. I will attempt to base my rants on these labours and my memories of the book of the same name by Agatha Christie. I highly recommend the book.

That is all.

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