“I’m going to unsubscribe!” 

I’m a reasonable person. At least, I like to think I am. So whenever I used to see comments on videos that said they were going to unsubscribe, I would think to myself “why announce that? If you’re so unhappy with the content, just leave”. That’s what I do, after all. I silently unsubscribe and move on. I’ve never had a moment where I wanted to announce my leaving. Until today! 

This man was behind a game called Sword & Sworcery for the iPhone many many years ago. It was one of the first few games I actually bought with real money. It was fantastic. It was the start of my obsession with indie games and indie game music and hell even indie musicians via bandcamp. I highly recommend it as an experience today (not so much as a game) if you’re interested. And I’ve been following him ever since for news on his next game. It’s been “in the works” for over five years now. I don’t mind waiting. Whenever I see his tweets, I am reminded of his wonderful game, and sometimes a wistful twinge of wondering when the next one will come out. 

That brings me to this tweet. I love the new season of Twin Peaks. I understand that it’s very much an acquired taste. I also understand that to many people, it will come off as convoluted and incoherent and boring and, most of all, pretentious. I understand all these things and I’m fine with people disliking the show. But. When I saw this tweet, my view of this man changed. It’s obviously his right to not like the show. But I couldn’t help but be pissed. In the replies to that tweet he points to a scene involving Michael Cera’s character (one of the funniest scenes of the entire season, in my opinion) as an example of how shit the show is. I don’t understand. His game was full of weird and funny things in the same vein as the show. It even boots you out and asks you to take a break between chapters to contemplate, not unlike the show at its most “boring”. 

And that leads me to think whatever his next game is going to be, either they will be devoid of such things, or they will hypocritically contain them anyway. Either way, I think I’ve matured past him. I suddenly lost all (well, most of my) interest in his creative endeavours. I don’t think I’ve explained it well. But I also don’t think it’s something I can explain well. Something just turned off in my head and I can’t turn it back on. 

I wonder if a similar sort of break happens in the minds of all the angry commenters when they say they’re going to unsubscribe. I would have laughed in your face if you had brought this to me yesterday. Now, I’m not so sure. 

(I didn’t send my tweet by the way. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I did unfollow him though.) 

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