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On cadence.

(A note on the title: I knew the word I wanted began with a “c”. I also vaguely knew it had to do with Intel and it’s tick-tock chip cycle. Google the lot and I eventually came to “cadence”. I love the internet.)

A two day cadence seems to fit nicely. I’ll stick to this, I think. Unless something happens that is so exciting that I break the cadence. That alone should signify how important that post is. Yes. That’ll work.

Update: no. I’m putting up stuff whenever I feel like.

On reticence.

This is, as you will have worked out for yourself by now, a blog. I haven’t told anyone about it though. Well, until now. This is the announcement post which is what you hopefully read first. So. Hello!

Why? Dunno. Maybe to see if I could keep it going at all. Don’t want to start something and then stop almost immediately. I now feel confident that I can churn out at least one post a day. That’s not a promise. There might be two posts, or none, on any particular day.

Where to begin? Begin at the beginning I suppose.

Happy reading!

This was #9.

On schedules and scheduling.

How often am I going to write here? Once a day? Four times a week? Dunno.

I did have things to say today (yesterday rather; it’s past midnight now) but they weren’t fully formed ideas. Or they weren’t incomplete enough to become a draft. You’ll see.

No, I’m not going to talk about schedules and/or scheduling. It’s just a title.

Should I count this as a post?

Category One is for the posts as such. Ideas I have, or thoughts, or opinions. Something I have had a conversation about, or would like to have a conversation about. Something I hope you find quite interesting.

Category Two is for lists. For collections of quotes I might like. For links to certain websites I might eventually get around to compiling. Songs. Movies. Books. Even math.

This is category Three. Meta. Announcements. Posts about posts. And categories. Hmm. Yes. That’ll do.